Nashville, TN

Jeanie Wamsley Wedding

March 2012

The Ryman where the Grand Old Oprey began.

Inside the Ryman.

A full size replica of the Parthenon in Nashville.

With a statue of Athena

The Country Music Hall of Fame

The start of the Natches Trace

A famous eating spot - great catfish.

The current Grand Old Oprey

We attended a show there.

Henry Wamsley and Helen Beer.

Elmeda, dressed for the wedding.

Jeanie and son Zach.

Jeanie and husband Dave.

Elmeda's cousins, Carolea and Beth.

Lunch at Carolea's home.

Elmeda and her aunt, Alcinda Mae Collier.

The Belle Meade Plantation, where most of the US race horse lines date back to.