California (LA area)

Mar/Apr 2012

Got back from Nashville March 22nd, then off to California the 30th. Here's the edge of the Grand Canyon.

The Channel Islands are a multi-island state park off the California coast, supposedly like California in pre-European days. Here's company on the way out.

The boat isn't allowed to actually tie up to the island, so the whole egress is under power, and moving.

The closest island, Anacapa.

The "Anacapa Air Patrol".

Elmeda got the worst sunburn of her life.

Sea Lions

Each seagull nests in and guards it's own Coreopsis plant.

We visited the Palomar Observatory and saw the Hale telescope.

A big part of our visit was to spend time with John Bishop's daughter, Dana, and her family. Here is their house in Ventura.

Here she is with husband Klaus, and children Ian and Tobias.

Us with Ian.

One of our must see destinations, the La Brea tar pits.

Here we are in the Page Museum.

and with a real mastedon.

Our exchange condo in Oxnard, CA.

The Getty Museum.

La Purisima Mission State Park

The Ronald Reagan presidential library.