September 2008 Utah Trip Page 2

Below, the welcoming committee in Zion Park.

Right, hiking up the bed of the Virgin River.

To do it right, we had to rent special shoes and poles, also watch a video on what to do if you see a flash flood coming.

We reached an area where the canyon was 100' wide and 1200' high. Further up it get to 20' wide and 1400' high.

A great time was had by all, at least in retrospect.

Sitting on top of the world where we hiked up to an overlook, on the way out of Zion.

Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Bryce Canyon


The spires are called Hoodoos, formed when a layer of hard rock protects the soft rock beneath it from erosion. 

Hiking down to the canyon floor in Bryce was spectacular.

Below in Panguich, UT, one of the more interesting hotels we've stayed at. To the right is the cafe where Elmeda got her steak dinner reward for all the hiking.




Canyonlands National Park, a high mesa surrounded by the Green and Colorado Rivers.

Arches National Park.

Be careful what you feed your bonzai trees.

This arch dropped fifty tons of rock a few years back, just missing some hikers. They don't let you stand under them any more.

Balancing Rock, the rock itself is the height of a six story building and weighs 65 tons.

Note the size of the people at the base.