2007 Pictures Page 2

(December 06 - December 07)

Remodeling the living room, my biggest project in a long time.

I made a deal with Elmeda, it would be ready for a New Year's 2007 celebration here.

I finished mid-December so we were able to celebrate Christmas as well.

I wasn't able to face putting up a tree though.

And here's New Years 2007 in the new room.

Matt and Wibke.

Winter in NY.

Herm and Wilma Young, the owners of my future second career  winery. We did a tasting with our home made wines to gather some input.

Matthew and Wibke's new house on Genessee Park Blvd.


We do love watching the birds.


Easter Dinner at our house with the family.


One of the hidden treasures in Buffalo, the Basilica in Lackawanna.

The statues are every bit as ornate as in Europe.

Mark Cragin's birthday party.

Mark and brother Chris.

Matt's birthday.

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