New Pictures Page 1 - Spring 2005

Wibke's parents, Hans and Rose, visited the US in March. Naturally we did a lot of hiking to take advantage of the balmy NY weather (just joking about the weather).

Wibke's parents
By coincidence, Matt's roommate's parents and the cousins of our friend Wilma Young, all German nationals, happened to be visiting the US at the same time. I'd offerred a Fingerlakes wine tour to Hans and Rose and everyone else joined in. We stopped in at Anthony Road Winery and were treated royally by the homesick German winemaker.
Easter at the farm.
Poor Mark fell off a ladder on a job and broke both ankles. He was out of work for three nonths.
Matthew finally harvests all the education he's been cultivating, three bachelors degrees in two weeks. Here he gets his Bachelors in Nursing from Nazareth College.
A graduation present, his grandfather's microscope from medical school.

Wrapped in fabric with pictures of flying pigs (come on, we have waited a long time.)

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