Celtic Cruise - January '05: Page 2

The ship was Carnivals' Conquest, one of its biggest at 110K tons and nearly 3000 passengers.

Themed after famous painters, this was the Renior dining room where we ate our dinners.

The main atrium, eight stories tall.

One of the typical breakfast tables.

The main deck looking forward...

...and looking aft.

Our balcony room.

Every night we found some quaint little animal creation waiting in our room.

Our waitress. Each evening, the staff would provide some entertainment.

The 1/10 th mile jogging track. We were very dedicated. We walked a brisk four miles every day (and still gained weight.)

Bringing our own Celtic entertainers was delightful. Here was one of two outdoor public concerts. The rest were in a private lounge.

Andy M. Stewart from Scotland.

And Aoife Clancy, daughter of one of the Clancy brothers. We were fortunate to have her dine with us every evening.

Some evenings, dining was formal.


Carnival gave you every opportunity for Kodak moments (their camera of course.)
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