Celtic Cruise - January '05: Page 1

We took a Celtic Theme Cruise the last week in January '05 to the Carribean.

We went down two days early to see New Orleans. The street entertainment was incredible.

Burials are still above ground with families having one or two shelves. Remains are compacted in a pit below as space is needed.

Here and right is the Garden District, the area developed by the rich Americans when they were rejected by the French.

We spent time with Elmeda's cousin Dusty, a native of New Orleans.

She graciously acted as our tour guide. She took us to the beautiful Oak Alley plantation (which sounded to Yankee ears like "O'Cally".)

St. Louis Church in the middle of the French Quarter

Our hotel was right on the famous Bourbon Street.

An early Mardi Gras parade by the very irreverant Krewe du Vieu.

A pony tour with our friends the Gorskis.

On a tour after the cruise, setting up for a proper parade.


Three pictures of the old Ursiline convent, the oldest building in the area. It was first constructed in the early 1700's by the Ursuline nuns from France.


The courtyard.


St. Mary's Church inside the Convent.
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