Family Pictures - Page 1
Winter 2002

We made a quick trip to West Virginia in December for Uncle Skeez's (Hank Wamsley) 75th Birthday

Hank Wamsley and Helen Beer

Hank with first cousins Ralph Varner and Charles Plemons and niece Elmeda.

Jeanne Wamsley and son Zack with friend.

Here Elmeda and Kris made a special quilt for Liam.

 Mark (Kris' husband) and Skip.

 Kris with grandson Liam and Elmeda.

Liam's parents, David and Stephanie VanHamlin.


Attie's Christmas dinner at the Baptist home.


Family Christmas at our house. (Note the snow.)

Kris and husband Mark.

Aaron and wife Colleen.

Elmeda's famous $100 split of wine - ask her for the story.

Mark and Mike visiting.

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