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Summer 2002

Natalie and I after paddling Ganargua Creek.

There were three inches of rain the week before and the creek had flooded. We capsized and I ended up swiming (floating) a mile.

Here's the latest shots of Mark and of Sara in North Carolina. (Sara's the dog.)

Mark had just finished wiring this 1.5 million dollar house.

Aaron and his wife Colleen looking at our Italy pictures in July.

Jaz and Sienna finding a safer way to use Jan's canoe than Jan and Natalie did.

Uncle Isaac playing lifeguard.

Sienna at John Bishop's cottage on Lake Ontario.

Uncle Isaac figures Sienna would be safer buried.

To the right, John Bishop and his 10,000 firecracker incendiary device. (Yes, the police were there in under 10 minutes.)

Some of John Bishop's family visit JanPark winery for a tasting.

Our annual Williamson Summer Folk Festival. This year two of the performers, Fishkin and Groves, stayed with us. Also here is Joe Lamay who handles bookings and his friend Sherri. To the right is the schedule.

Fishkin and Groves

Ron and Nancy Onesong.

Elmeda's nephew David with son, Liam.

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