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This year we spent a couple weeks in Ireland on a tour hosted by the Dady Brothers, the Irish musicians who played at our wedding. We landed in Shanon, then spent two nights each in Limerick, Killarney, Cork, and Dublin with the group. We extended 3 days in Dublin.

Below is Bunratty Castle where we had a banquet and entertainment - and discovered mead!


Typical scenes from the Galway area where the English drove the Irish to bare rock lands. The Irish cracked the rocks by heating them with fires, then throwing water on them. They mixed sea weed with the gravel and grew crops in it.Below that, many new houses but by law, each must be attached to an original structure.



    The cliffs of Mohr, nearly 700 feet high!


   Irish traffic jam but with the numbers, we called it "NASCOW".  

  One of the many ruins with Kerry Cattle native to Ireland; Muckross House, a 19th century tudor mansion.



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