Our China Trip: Page #2

If you've made it this far, you're either very interested or have a very fast computer.


Laundry Day in the Li River

Unloading a 100 foot barge of coal.

Rug Factory.

Yellow Crane Tower.

Everyone wanted their picture with us.

A few of the 8000 Terra-cotta Warriors.

Tiananmen Square.

The primary means of transport.

  Inside the Forbidden City.



 They didn't call it the Great Wall for nothing.



The following pictures were from a '00 trip for Kodak to Xiamen, China.


The Chinese are amazing artists. This lady is painting a beautiful detailed picture on the inside of a bottle working through a 5/16" hole.


These tractors are everywhere hauling the family to town or hauling two tons of granite up a mountain.

Burning sacramental money to provide means to their ancestors.

Snake wine. Supposedly good for your health. No thanks.

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