San Francisco '04 Page 2

Alcatraz Island from across the bay.

A typical cell.

One of the main cell blocks.

The main prison from the back.


The remains of the Warden's house.


The Conservatory at Golden Gate Park.


Here and right, the Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park.



The spectacular Ritz Carlton Hotel. We splurged and had the fanciest dinner of our lives.



Nicholas Hatch, the son of some good friends, is the IT manager at the hotel.



My two high points of the trip were the wine country (below) and the cable cars.


The cars are driven by one of three cable loops, all propelled by these "sheaves" in a central building. The longest loop is 21,000 feet and turns several corners.

The cables move at a constant 9.5 mph. Cars are propelled by grabbing the cable with this big pliers.

I finally got to see Sonoma and Napa. We were fortunate to land a small group tour with an expert guide who took us to six great wineries - Homewood, Peju, Sattui, Sawyer, Bouchaine, and Glora Ferrer.

I got to talk to the winemaker at Homewood about new yeast strains.

Our driver and tour guide, Max Roher.

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