Our Trip to San Diego
November 2000

We spent a week this past November in California. We exchanged our timeshare week for a condo in Oceanside, about 40 minutes north of San Diego.

A couple hours east of San Diego is the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It was a real desert, just like in the movies. About an hour's walk brings you to an Oasis with huge palm trees.  
   Below is the Mount Polomar Obsevatory, home of the 200" Hale telescope. Once the best in the world, light polution now reduces it to effectively half its size.


 Our favorite local attractions were the wild animal park (the 4 pictures below) and the zoo, below that.  The pandas are being rented from China. The cat is camera shy.



 The koala was the one kidnapped a few weeks later. The ram is modeling for Dodge. Interesting fact, hippos kill more people in Africa than any other wild animal.



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