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From Sorrento, we took a hydrofoil to the island of Carpi. The island is surrounded by spectacular cliffs which we toured up close by boat. We took a mini bus to the top of the central mountain for lunch, then the fenicular railway down.

We had two excellent lunches at Tourist Farms when most of the food served is produced on location. We started here with a mozarella demonstration followed by lunch with wine made on the property.



We stopped at the WWII Commonwealth War Cemetary. The Abbey of Monte Cassino is in the background. The inscriptions on the stones are so sad, it's really distressing.

Here is the Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli, built over the tiny church Porziuncola built by St. Francis. This is also where St. Francis started the Franciscans and where he died in 1226.

 Here is the much larger Basilica of St. Francis in Assissi, not started until after his death.

 And I couldn't resist this shrine to Kodak film.

 From Assissi, we went north east to Ravena, originally a Roman port on the Adriatic Coast, it is now 7 miles inland due to silting. There at St. Apollinaris Church, we say one of the oldest Christian mosaics, still bright after 1500 years.

From there, it was a short distance to Venice where we stayed in Lido, a town on a nearby island, and took various forms of watercraft to Venice itself. The city really does have canals for streets. It rained much of the time and we didn't get our Gondola ride but it was still beautiful.

St. Mark's Cathedral and Square. 


Some people did brave the weather:

A trip by water to quaint and less crowded Burano Island.




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